Laundry Equipment – Coin Operated (tumble) Dryers

Our dryers can be used with coin, token or cashless payment systems. They are excellent solutions for space management, performance and load capacity in a Laundromat or similar environment.

Our coin operated dryers are energy-saving and come in electric and gas-heated versions, they are robust and easy to maintain. The perfect solution for repeated heavy use and loading and trouble-free operation for years to come.

Dryer Features

  • Excellent load capacity: Our dryers can handle large loads, using advanced drying technology to manage airflow without residual heat issues.
  • Space management: These dryers take up minimal floor space. With double stack options available, you can achieve excellent space management results.
  • Toughness: Our range of coin operated dryers are designed for continuous use. They easily stand up to the wear and tear of a typical commercial environment, making them ideal for Laundromats and guest laundries.

Quick Tips for Selecting Your Dryer

  • Consider a double stack or an additional dryer – Double stack dryers or additional machines ensure that you have the capacity you need at all times.
  • The advantages of better dryer capacity – Small dryers can cause more problems than they solve. The simple fact is that a bigger, more powerful dryer will save time and money with better performance and faster drying times.
  • Direct cost benefits: IPSO dryers deliver clear results in terms of performance, capacity, reliability, and load handling. We selected the IPSO dryers because they clearly outperform other dryers on the market.

Let’s Talk Dryers!

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