Compact Commercial

Compact Commercial Laundry Equipment

Our compact commercial range is ideal for any modern laundry facility. These machines will provide better returns, increased performance and convenient space management solutions for your commercial environment.

Every machine in the compact commercial range is available with coin, token or cashless payment services. Simply choose the configuration that you need and purchase your equipment.

Why Choose Compact Commercial Machines?

The advantages of the commercial compact machines include:

  • Space management: In modern commercial environments, space is at a premium. Our compact commercial laundry equipment is specifically designed to make the most out of your available space.
  • High capacity: These machines are smaller but their capacity is excellent. They are able to handle large loads with ease.
  • Advanced systems: These machines are equipped with the latest laundry technology. Browse our range to see the specifications and system options.
  • Good choice of standalone systems: This range features top load washers, commercial washers, dryers, and washer/dryers. Choose the size, type and space configurations that meet your onsite needs.

Ask Us about Your Commercial Compact Choices

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