The Importance of Removing Lint From Your Dryer

October 25, 2017

The Importance of Removing Lint from Your Dryer

Lint gathers in many places on your dryer, from the internal walls of the ducting to the top of the drive motors. It also accumulates around the blower fan, behind the front panel and it forms a blanket on the lint screen.

Most alarmingly, lint can and will accumulate around the burner box. The vast majority of dryers are gas heated and spontaneous combustion will occur if lint deposits are not removed on a regular basis.

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What Are the Risks of Accumulating Lint?

Cotton is a natural fibre, is highly flammable and retains heat very well. It can lead to spontaneous combustion inside the lint compartment as well as in and around the burner box. This is an easy and expensive way to lose customers, destroy laundry equipment and even force your business to close for a period of time. You can get tied up with safety inspections, enquires, and in extreme cases, serious damage or injury.

Aside from the fire risk, lint will (at the very least) lead to poor efficiency, costing you money with every load. As lint builds up on the lint screen, it begins to reduce airflow. Reduced airflow means longer drying times and excessive utility usage. Prepare for higher bills, and lower customer satisfaction as your clients wait longer for their clothes back or their rooms to be made up.

How to Prevent Lint Build-Up

Fortunately, lint build-up is completely preventable. Unfortunately, it does take a little elbow grease:

  • Tap the screen clean after every three loads
  • Vacuum the lint compartment and lint screen at the end of each day. This should open up at the bottom of your machine
  • Every 3 months, perform a complete strip down of the machines to remove accumulation inside the machine
  • Eradicate all other fire risks and deficiencies in and around the machine
  • Have the ducts professionally cleaned every year. Contractors who specialise in this field utilise special equipment to remove lint deposits stuck to the inside walls of the duct, and well as extraction equipment to stop airborne particulate from escaping


Ongoing Preventative Maintenance for Your Business

When it comes to the safety and profitability of your business, it needs to be all hands on deck. Wherever you are in Australia, Aqualogic can offer service and maintenance programs to keep you on top of the profit tree and stop disaster in its tracks.

We offer a range of preventative maintenance programs for all your laundry equipment, including your dryers. Explore our TOTAL CARE and SMART CARE maintenance programs, the clever options for commercial laundries in Australia. For more information or to start protecting your assets, contact us online or call 1300 222 119 today.