The Importance of Cleaning Your Blankets and Doonas at the End of Winter

September 26, 2017

The Importance of Cleaning Your Blankets and Doonas at the End of Winter

During the long, cold winter, there are few things better than curling up under a warm, heavy doona or three. Many people would probably spend the whole of winter under their doona if society allowed it, but alas. There are only two real drawbacks to the wonderful doona: because of the time spent under them doonas can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and they are a hassle to wash.

Why You Need to Clean Your Doonas

Your doona (and all of your other blankets) should be getting a good clean at least twice during winter. If you’ve run out of time and the end of winter is approaching, ensure they get a thorough clean before going back into storage! Here’s why:

Dust Mites

Over time, dust mites will colonise even a very well kept bed. They are a common allergen, especially for children – getting rid of them is one benefit of cleaning your bedclothes.

Sweat, Fluids, and Oils

The human body is a beautiful thing. The secretions of the human body, not so much. Even if you shower before bed, your sweat, body fluids and body/hair oils will still make their way to your doona. Over time, this can create an unpleasant smell along with bacterial build-up.

Animal Hair

Cats and dogs can be furry, living hot water bottles and that’s comforting in winter. It also means there will be a lot of animal hair on your doona and blankets, which will need to be washed off before storing them away.

Use a Commercial Laundry Service

While it is possible to wash your doonas at home, you’re better off with a commercial laundry service, unless you happen to own a commercial washer and dryer or feel like spending a whole day soaking blankets in your bathtub. Some of the benefits of a commercial laundry service for your doonas are:

Experienced Staff

A professional laundering operation has experience with all types of fabrics and materials so they will know how to look after your doona properly. Some materials require special care to avoid damage.

Variety of Washing Methods

Different doonas need to be washed in different ways and commercial laundries feature a variety of washing machines and dryers to handle any job.

Multiple Doonas, One Job

If you have multiple doonas that need washing, especially in families, then washing them at home transforms from a huge job to a Herculean task. At a commercial laundry, you can simply drop your doonas off then pick them up when they’re spotless.

Thorough Drying

Doonas are thick and heavy, making them extremely difficult to dry properly. Considering the beginning of spring can still be fairly chilly in many parts of Australia, the chances of you air-drying your doona thoroughly (in less than a fortnight) are slim and your home dryer won’t be up to the job.

Storing a doona with even a little moisture in it can lead to mould. When you use a professional laundering service, however, your doonas will be returned to you bone dry.

Clean Machines

Washing machines themselves can accumulate dirt so even if you manage to wash your doona at home, it may not come out the other end all that clean. The same goes for soaking it in the tub – especially when you consider all the dust, bugs and dirt that might fall in the water while it’s soaking. 

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