Uh Oh! Foreign Objects in the Washing Machine

September 13, 2017

Uh Oh! Foreign Objects in the Washing Machine

Foreign objects are a common cause of washing machine breakages. At Aqualogic, we know this scenario all too well when our professional team travel to service commercial laundry equipment across Australia.

It’s an easy mistake to make – leaving objects in your trouser pockets or getting items caught up in towels and bed sheets before placing them into the washing machine. You may be saving small amounts of time by hurrying but before you know it, you have a time-consuming, broken washing machine on your hands.

However, a broken washing machine caused by foreign objects is also an easy mistake to prevent. We’ve put together a simple guide to ensuring your machine’s lifespan is maintained.

First, Check for Items inside the Washing Machine

The most common foreign objects found in broken washing machines include the following;

  • Cutlery – these can cause serious internal damage by getting caught in the drum.
  • Hearing aids – replacing medical devices can be expensive and complicated.
  • Pens – a busted pen is a laundry nightmare.
  • Wallets and cards – business cards, receipts and other such items usually found in a wallet are at risk.
  • Keys and coins – small metal items will get caught under the cylinder damage heating elements and may punch a hole in the outer cylinder.
  • Hair clips and paper clips – similar to other small items, these accumulate in the sump and can jam the drain valve open which prevents the machine from holding water.

Simply by turning out and checking pockets or shaking your laundry for any loose items, you can reduce the risk of foreign items damaging the outer or inner washer drum. Making it a habit to check for objects can save the life and performance of your washing machine.

What to do if you suspect a foreign object is inside

If you suspect there is already a foreign object in the wash, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you can hear a ‘clunk clunk’ sound (or a knocking, scraping or scratching) coming from inside the washing machine.
  1. If you hear this sound, stop the machine immediately by using the emergency stop button and unload the wet washing into a wet soiled trolley. Check the empty clinder first, then check each item thoroughly and throw back into the washer. then remove the loose items.
  1. If you didn’t find anything or are unsure how to remove the offending items, we recommend you turn off the machine at the wall and call a professional.

At Aqualogic, we’re always on call to help fix your laundry equipment across Australia. If you require a new installation or maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 222 119 or contact us online.