Top 5 Laundry Problems

August 13, 2017

Top 5 Laundry Problems and What to Do About Them

At Aqualogic – a supplier, installer and maintainer of laundry equipment across Australia for almost 50 years – we know a thing or two about keeping laundry equipment in the best working order.

With the knowledge of our experienced team, we’ve put together a list of our top five most common laundry problems and what to do about them. This list is designed to assist owners of commercial washing machines or an industrial laundry on the simple steps that can be taken to avoid issues and stop them from happening again.

1. Broken Washing Machine

Foreign objects, such as hair clips or coins can cause damage to your washing machine’s inner drum. If you own washing machines for business purposes, this is often due to residents or patients leaving objects in their pockets, or from hotel staff wrapping up linen without checking for foreign items.

How to fix/prevent: At home, check pockets and/or shake out personal clothing. Housekeeping staff should shake out linen during the collection process when turning a room over and restaurant staff should shake out table linen prior to bagging for collection. If your washing machine is broken and you suspect it’s due to a foreign object, see how to efficiently manage a laundry breakdown.

2. Dryer Not Heating

Is your dryer not heating? It might be due to a tripped thermostat caused by opening the door while the dryer is operating, or simply because of a blocked lint screen caused by a build-up of lint through exhaust ducting.

How to fix/prevent: Clean your dryer’s lint screen every 2-3 loads by tapping on the screen, enabling the lint ‘blanket’ to fall to the floor of the lint compartment. To avoid tripping a thermostat, pause/stop the dryer prior to opening the door.

We also highly recommend that you employ a reputable contractor to clean your clothes dryer vent. Speak to the friendly team at Aqualogic today on 1300 222 119 to learn more.

3. Washing Machine Not Spinning Out

If you’re washing machine is not spinning out it could be due to:

• Mixed laundry load – different weights mean your washer cannot distribute load evenly around the cylinder in preparation for extract.
• Insufficient loading – Wash load clumping to one side can render it difficult for the washer to distribute the load evenly around the cylinder.

How to fix/prevent: Wash like-for-like where possible and don’t start your washing machine unless you have a full load. However, if you cannot make a full load due to the end of the day and you are in a laundromat, use the smallest washer available. To remedy, use the rinse and spin cycle to reattempt extraction without going through the whole wash cycle again.

4. Blocked Inlet Hose Filters

Blocked inlet hose filters can be caused by plumbing where pipes are disrupted, or by testing of backflow prevention/RPZ units, both of which can cause sediment to enter the water supply.

How to fix/prevent: To fix, turn off the taps, disconnect the water hoses, remove filters and clean, refit and turn taps back on. To prevent, turn your washer off during plumbing work. Then, once plumbing is complete, purge water lines to drain first before restarting washers. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us.

5. Dryer Not Drying Clothes

If your dryer is not drying your clothes and it’s not due to heating (see number 4), it could be due to blocked gas burners on dryers. This can cause:

• sooting/grey linen
• intermittent or constant heating system failures
• dryer doesn’t dry clothes
• lint/dust build up in burner perforations
• cracks in burners from heat fractures through constant use.

How to fix/prevent: Use a qualified technician to remove and clean the burners on a regular basis. Inspect burners for cracks and corrosion on a regular basis and replace the parts as necessary.

For emergency laundry repairs, spare parts, or more information about installing new laundry equipment, phone the team at Aqualogic.