Improving Efficiency in Your Laundry

June 16, 2017

It is never too late to realise the importance of a health check for your laundry equipment. Looking after your equipment is great for its long-term reliability, functionality and the profitability of your laundry operation.

Perhaps you have separate maintenance providers who focus on their area of specialty but fail to see the big picture. Aqualogic are the experts in looking at your laundry from a holistic perspective to identify and unlock efficiency gains.

Whatever your motivation, the time is always right to audit your laundry facility to maximise productivity and quality whilst reducing overheads. A quick health check and sound maintenance plan can ensure you are being well looked after and that your laundry is running as efficiently as possible.

Aqualogic understands the importance of building trustworthy business partnerships. It can be a minefield when looking for the right provider and it is hard to decipher the best solution for your unique business. To combat this for you, Aqualogic offers a free laundry and process health check.

The Aqualogic laundry health check allows you to sample our superior service and benefit from our wealth of expertise, as well as our attention to detail when looking for inefficiency gaps whilst ensuring the ongoing maintenance of your laundry facility is contributing to the cause.

Aqualogic Free Laundry and Process Health Check – How it Works

Combining Australia Standards, standard operating procedures, industry best practices and a deep understanding of hygienically clean linen, we have developed a laundry and process health check aimed at pinpointing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities present in your laundry facility.

Our expert team conducts your laundry facility health checks using our 50 point checklist, which is designed to highlight critical aspects including layout and design, equipment, maintenance, systems and processing.

Benefits of Aqualogic Laundry and Process Health Check

We are here to assist you in developing a smarter laundry solution.

Our level of expertise means we can guide you through the entire process, fine-tuning your laundry for maximum efficiency. Our expert assessment helps you to highlight opportunities for improvement while monitoring benchmarks to ensure you are meeting your required standards. Utilising internal resources as well as international industry network, we can assist laundries of all sizes to improve processes and profits.
Aqualogic completes more than 6,000 maintenance program visits per year. To learn more about our free laundry health check, you can find our flyer here.

For almost 50 years, Aqualogic has been servicing a wide range of industries from aged care to commercial laundries to hospitality and much more. We are passionate, professional and serious about offering turnkey laundry solutions to your business to improve your laundry facility’s efficiency and reduce your total cost per processed kilo.
If you would like to enquire about Aqualogic’s laundry audit or our other services, please call us on 1300 222 119, visit one of our showrooms, or talk to us online for more information.