Our Guide to Buying the Right Commercial Washing Machine

March 23, 2017

Building a successful commercial laundry operation relies largely on having the right equipment for the job – especially the right washing machine.

Advances in technology mean there are a wide range of options available, covering a broad spectrum of linen processing needs. This allows operators to find machines that are more closely aligned to the needs of their business, but can also mean that the sheer number of options can be intimidating. We’ve created this simple guide to help you find the commercial washing machine to enhance your operation. If can also view our industrial washing machines for sale online.

Define Your Needs

Before you even start looking at machines, be clear on how you will be using them. Circumstances are very important when choosing the right commercial washing machine. Selecting a machine that doesn’t fulfil your needs can lead to costly breakdowns and laundry room downtime, leading to larger costs in the long run.

Some things to consider:

  • What kind of items will be washed? How often and how many at a time? These are important questions to help determine the size of washing machine that is required.
  • You need to think about the size of the drum and the size of the load it can hold, as well as the length of the cycles and features.
  • If you are unsure, the expert team at Aqualogic can help you define the needs of your operation.

Processing capacity of the washing machine

Once your needs have been defined, it’s important to select the correct capacity washing machine for the amount of laundry you need to process at your facility. Some factors that will help you determine the correct capacity will be Days per Week of operation, hours of operation, linen classifications to be washed as well as quantity of linen to wash per day.  

Commercial washing machines and drying

Time is an important factor in operating a laundry. Being able to process laundry quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining clean linen, minimum rewash and safe environments are the vital components to successful laundry operations. Higher G-force extraction removes more residual moisture, leading to reduced drying times, utility savings and linen degradation. These factors are good considerations when purchasing a commercial washing machine.

A helpful tip: For flatwork like sheets that need to be ironed, these items can be processed straight through the ironer without pre-drying first, saving double handling and significantly speeding up productivity.

Benefits of a good controller

Having a great controller on your commercial washing machine will allow you to select the most efficient wash programs and provide you a host of features that save time and money. Fully-programmable controllers provide the ability to customise your wash programs to remove the heaviest soils in the shortest amount of time.

At Aqualogic, our controllers will ‘talk’ to most chemical dispenser systems to instruct what chemicals to inject and when, reducing the risks of chemical handling and ensuring a premium wash result. Intuitive menus and full text displays simplify program selection. A time remaining notification enables operators to better manage their time.

Additional Features

Today’s commercial washers come with a variety of features never seen before on washing machines – Unique to Ipso, SmartWAVe technology delivers up to 32% water savings in every wash. By automatically adjusting the water level based on absorption of the load, our machines will use less water, less energy (where warm or hot water is required) and complete a wash cycle faster. Other essential features include Delay-start and Soak providing operators with greater flexibility to get more washing done in less time.   

Look for additional features that will add real value for your business.

Warranty and after Sales Service

Once you’ve chosen the right washing machine, make sure the seller offers a comprehensive warranty and after sales service. That way, you’ll get the most out of your investment in the years to come.

Talk to Aqualogic

For complete assistance with product selection, talk to the team at Aqualogic. We are Australia’s experts in commercial laundry solutions. Call 1300 222 119 or contact us online.